Learn From My Fail: Halls of Lightning

Okay, admission time – last night I was an utter muppet. I had a free night to WoW so wanted to get a couple of levels on the DK whilst making a bit of gold. As I am working on my tanking I am trying to do as many dungeons between Level 55 & 85 as possible, trying to hit each one at least a couple of times (apart from The Oculus – once is enough).

I did a couple of instances and in between played some Auction House, Darkmoone Faire games and fishing up some Sealed Crates there (still no Sea Pony or Turtle Mount). As it hit about 11 o clock I was tired but wanted to Ding before bed so I carried on with a couple more instances. Cue: Halls of Lightning.

I’ve not done HoL for a good couple of years now but could remember there seeming to be a LOT of trash in there, some quite annoying. The instance itself is a lot easier than I remember, but this is due to the toning down of all the lower level dungeons (another topic for another day). So why was this run so bad? Let me start from the top…..

We all zone in, I shout up with my normal “Hallo” or something similar – insert the tumbleweed here….not a response. A quick scan of the other party members shows heirlooms aplenty, as this is my first toon on this server I have none though am decked out happily in dungeon blues (and one green – bloody Relics!). I speedily make the first pull – drop a death and decay and then try for a Heart Strike……but nothing!!! I spam my 5 key 10-15 times and NOTHING, try Deathstrike……nothing here either! At this point the mobs are running off. I realise that I have made a double fail, not only am I in Unholy Stance (+15% move speed yes please) but I also have my Fishing Pole equipped!

Double fail! I quickly switch presence and attach my massive axe, a quick Deathgrip and Dark Command and the situation is under control. We kill the mobs and I apologise, “F***in noob” comes the response from our Paladin healer in his holier than thou attitude (the guy who when he pulled aggro just stood there and tried to cast a big heal, no bubble, no run to tank….). I laugh it off – it was a stupid mistake and I’ll happily take the blame for it – no foul no harm, we can pick it up on the next pull.

The next couple of pulls go fine, I chain pull a few mobs. After 3/4 group, I stop for a couple of seconds as I need a rune to recharge, “GOGOGOGO” shouts the healer, I rush into pulling the mobs and wishing to appease the abrasive pally pull them up the slope to grab a second group – which goes fine. Until. Until one of the guys veers to close to the patrolling boss and pulls him in to the melee also. I get aggro on everything, bust my CDs and we still can’t quite manage it. Pally sends a torrent of abuse before rage quitting the party.

So to the main point – What could I have done to prevent this string of fails.

  1. Made sure I was ready before rushing. “More haste less speed” as the saying goes, if I had paid attention at the beginning and been in the right stance with the right weapon there would have been no issue early on, therefore the paladin may not have been irked and so rude for the rest of the run.
  2. Pointed out it was my first time. Though I have done the instance previously a few years is hardly recent, they may have understood why I wasn’t pulling 2/3 groups at a time as standard.
  3. Gone at my own speed. As a tank you can see the damage being done and you are in control – don’t pull faster than you think appropriate by getting flustered by impatient players.

Hopefully you can learn from my failings!


PS. After this wipe we got a very pleasant discipline priest in a blitzed the instance and it was jolly good fun!


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I'm a geek who loves gaming, travelling, sports & cooking. Currently residing in Nottingham, England.
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