Levelling Hints and Tips: What do I need?

So you are planning on levelling a new toon, you’ve picked the class, server, race and haircut and are ready to set exploring Azeroth.  What is there available that can help you level as fast as possible.  I am going to ignore the “Scroll of Ressurection” and “Recruit A Friend” programs for this posting.

I will however assume you have a main level 85 (or higher if you are reading in the future) for this article – I will do a “New Recruit” article another day.

So first of all, Heirlooms!  These wondrous creations that can increase levelling speed 35% (1-80) or 15% (81-15), there is an additional 5% also available from [Dread Pirate Ring] but this is from the fishing derby only so I shall ignore this.  An heirloom is a Bind on Account piece of equipment that scales with level – it takes on the relevent attributes of a blue quality piece of gear relevent to the wearer.  Being “Bind on Account” means that it is possible to email this to any of your characters on the same server (regardless of faction).  The four pieces that add XP are:

There are additional Heirloom weapons & Trinkets that help you level.  If you have justice points spare they are worth looking at but they are the least required (see PVE/PVP  items on this link http://www.wowwiki.com/Heirloom).

The second most important thing for levelling is BAGS. Big, big bags.  You want to be able to stay in the game as long as possible and the best way to doing this is having the largest bags available.  I would never go for anything less than 16 slot Netherweave bags.  Depending on your server these will go for anything from 10g-20g.  The show how important this is on Tsudao (my new DK) my first couple of hundred gold went on 6 Netherweave bags and 2 bank slots so I could just chuck everything in there (and also store all my greens/blues to DE at a later date).  This will save you time in the long run.  Lot’s of time.

Thirdly – A high level Guild.  Guilds now have perks – these perks do lot’s of different things, from looting extra money for your guild to allowing you to mass ressurect everyone in your party.  The (in my opinion) best thing they offer though is a perk called Fast Track.  There are 2 levels of this rank, the 1st (at guild level 2) gives you a 5% XP bonus and the 2nd (at rank 6) gives you an additional 10%.

If you combine heirlooms with the guild you get an increased 50% XP gain 1-80 (30% 81-85).  There are a few other things you can do to speed your levelling but even sticking to these three rules means that the levels will fly by!

Hope it’s helpful



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