The Interrupt Conundrum

So last night I had a spare hour or so while awaiting the girlfriend to get back from her social hobnobbing so thought I’d run through a couple of quick instances on my Blood Deathknight. She’s level 83 now and I am coming to realise the annoyance of levelling those final 5 cataclysm levels – but that’s another topic for another day. My first dungeon was The Stonecore, I zoned in at just after they had wiped on Corborus – nice group and we piled through quickly (despite a psychic scream misclick causing a great fun mass brawl). Then I went to The Vortex Pinnacle.

I have a love hate relationship with The Vortex Pinnacle, I hate the first half and love the second half. As a tank you are responsible for mob placement and making the mobs angry enough to hit you, pretty simple eh? Well it is when you can see them… I’m not sure if it is a personal incompetence, sub par graphical setting on my computer or just an annoyance of this dungeon but so with so many of these mobs being air spirits I can’t see them too well making it a pain in the posterior. I’m not saying it’s difficult (far from it in fact) but it is just not enjoyable having to look hard for what you are fighting. That is my only issue.

The second half on The Vortex Pinnacle however is possibly my favourite half of a regular non heroic dungeon since TBC. There is one mob in this dungeon that I wholeheartedly put this down too – Temple Adepts ( This mobs have 3 abilities:

  • 1) Desperate Speed – 60% casting speed increase
  • 2) Smite – A decent sized ranged spell
  • 3) Greater Heal – A massive heal that is the reason I love these mobs

Over levelling my characters through these dungeons (this is my 4th to hit Vortex Pinnacle) I have come to realise that these mobs alone are a great test of your DPS players ability to work as a team. Because they have heals I think there are 2 options (unless you outgear the content) to make your life easier. 1) CC one of the healers 2) Get good with interrupts. Last night one of my DPS (another DK I am sorry to say) accidentally pulled a pack of mobs including 2 healers. Like any good tank I ran in and grabbed aggro on all the mobs then threw a skull on top of one of the healers. The group then proceeded to do on of the 2 following things:

  • AoE like a normal
  • /YELL at the rest of the group to attack the skull

We finally burned the mobs down in 5x the time it should have taken, I had a look at recount afterwards and I was the only person to have interrupted in the group (DPS were hunter, rogue and DK – all of whom have plenty of interrupt ability). Afterwards they were having an argument in chat about who was attacking the wrong mob etc etc – so I asked them why none of them interrupted the Greater Heal. One of them replied "What’s an Interrupt". This I am okay with, for a new player and the speed of levelling I can fully understand not having run into an interrupt now. But the other two players were silent, on pressing them a bit further they said that interrupts weren’t something they think about in dungeons.

This amazed me, whenever I run an instance on any of my characters (especially melee) I am constantly looking for spells to interrupt – especially heals! Less spells = less damage taken/ healed = Quicker run!

So why are people so reluctant to interrupt when DPSing?


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