Tsudao hits 85!

Tsudao the Draenei Deathknight finally hit 85 on Friday night!

It’s taken me just under a month the go from 55-85 and I’ve not even been playing that hard. I didn’t have heirlooms but I did join a Lvl 25 guild so that I got the 15% extra experience. I definitely could have done it quicker but took some breaks off to make some money on the Darkmoone Faire and level my enchanting (495 now, could easily max but don’t really need to now I have the ring enchants). But what is definitely obvious now is how fast the levelling process is nowadays, if I played hard I could easily level a toon 1-85 in a month now.

My current (reasonably high level) character list is now:

  • Katial (85 Shadowpriest)
  • Rakshi (85 Enchancement Shaman)
  • Tsudao (85 Blood Deathknight)
  • Tsudao (83 Protection Paladin)
  • Rakshu (74 Feral Druid)

I’ve got multiple toons below that now but don’t think I’ll be levelling anymore. In MoP I think the priest will go to holy, the shaman will be enh/ele dualspec and Tsudao will remain blood – the gives me the holy triumvirate of Tank/ Healer/ DPS (although I will have two DPS specs, ranged and melee depending on my mood). Saying that though I healed a lot of TBC, DPS’d WotLK so think I might try and tank my way through MoP.


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I'm a geek who loves gaming, travelling, sports & cooking. Currently residing in Nottingham, England.
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