My Current Tanking UI

I am the type of person that LOVES to play about with my UI – the current one I am using is below:


My Awesome tanking UI

The idea behind the UI is that I want to have everything extremely important (health, runes, runic power, boss health) all easily visible around my character, everything else I want hidden away in a seperate section.

Normally recount is hidden unless I am keeping an eye on things such as interrupts or who is really slacking!  Due to this is lives outside of the normal box when it is open.

I really like the streamlined feel and not having to look everywhere for information – top left for parties health, top right for buffs/ debuffs/ down for cooldowns etc etc, with this it is center for all primary information and down for other.


There are some changes that I want to make to the current UI:

  • Once I start tanking harder instances I want LARGE debuff icons with stack counts on them somewhere central
  • A better frame for what I am attacking
  • Mana bars on my party frames – this is just for when I am 5 manning to make sure healers are topped up before bosses/ big pulls.
  • Circular buttons for my abilities.  No functional reason, they just look pretty!
  • The DPS graph is a placeholder for Omen, I have no problems keeping aggro on 5 mans (especially with Tidyplates – Tank) so at the moment this little baby has just been looking cool.


So what do I use, and why:

  • Bartender – Allows you to adjust/lock/resize/do everything else to your action bars, a lot of mine are 4×3 as opposed to in a line
  • Sexymap – Allows you to move the map as well as select from some cool designs
  • Shadowframes – a minimalistic party/raid frame tool
  • IceHud – Adds on the Runic Power & Health tracker around my character
  • Miks Scrolling Battle Text – You can’t see that here (I’ll try and add more photos).  Around my right side I display healing recieved and on the left side damage taken/ absorbed.  Damage done I don’t really look at, I’ll leave that to the ePeen DPS!
  • KGpanels – Allows me to segregate part of my screen off (the big box at the bottom) can be used to make lots of different boxes anywhere you want.
  • Satrina Buff Frames – Moveable and Resizeable buff/debuff frames that allows you to show the data you need to see on them.
  • Chatter – Textbox addon, in this case I have used it to remove the back box on the text box allowing me to have the backgrond the same colour as the KGpanel
  • Tidyplates – There are options for tanks or normal.  Mine show the enemies nameplates that I have aggro on as blue, red exclamation marks and red nameplate means they are aggroing another party member and orange means I have aggro but someone is getting close.  This addon is a tanking must in my opinion!
  • Recount – A damage meter that can be set to show loads of different options, DPS (damage per second), Overall Damage, HPS (heal per second), Interrupts, Damage taken, Amount of Death and lots lots more.  You can view by encounter or since last refresh (normally start of a run).

So all in all I am really happy with my UI, there are some small functionality changes that need to be improved but my UI is never fully finished.


About Vaughany

I'm a geek who loves gaming, travelling, sports & cooking. Currently residing in Nottingham, England.
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