The Newly Dinged Pre-expansion Quandary

So I hit 85 last week with the DK tank. As I levelled through the dungeons once I had done the Thrall elements quest line (always a bit disappointed with the actual fights in that, could have been so good!) I was geared enough to enter heroics….but I didn’t want to.

Instead I worked on my professions, broke the 500 marker on enchanting and then started up JC which I got to over the important 475 mark. As a note powerlevelling Enchanting & Jewelcrafting on a new server where you don’t have a main to feed you should not be taken lightly. I was poor before and am even poorer now, luckily I am reasonable at playing the AH so managed to fund a fair bit my disenchanting and selling low level enchanting mats. Then I saw a "For the Alliance!" group running, I’d never actually managed to kill a faction leader before so dived in – was pretty fun. Far easier than I think it should be on a PvP server but not a lot we can do about making horde defend their capital! I logged off after that with no will to run dungeons.

Since then I have run a couple of heroics (The Vortex Pinnacle and The Lost City of Tol’vir), even in my current, iLvl 332, gear these are still pretty simple. I’ve yet to die (though my party in The Vortex Pinnacle all managed to spectacularly die simultaneously on Asaad, luckily me and the healer finished him off) and being a DK my damage is up there with the DPS. The problem comes is that I don;t really want to run heroics. The only thing tempting me at the moment is the satchel of exotic goods (getting a decent amount of gold, Valor Points, Justice Points AND a chance at a mount or pet is too good to pass up), but apart from that there’s no incentive.

I could spend a week farming the regular Heroics. then a week on the 4.3 Heroics so I can get in Looking for Raid: Dragon Soul – but with MoP around the corner what’s the point? I don’t feel the need to go into Dragon Soul (I have seen it on my Shaman anyhow), if I could easily find a guild raiding the Cata entry raids in relevent level gear (ie not wearing full DS LFR gear) then I would as I’ve not had the chance to see any of that, but as it stands there is no way to get into challenging content (without having to grind through 3 steps of gear in easy content) until MoP comes out.

In the meantime I’ll start working on my MoP bucket list!


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I'm a geek who loves gaming, travelling, sports & cooking. Currently residing in Nottingham, England.
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