Gearing at the end of an expansion? Madness!

I’ve been playing a lot of PvP recently. Not a lot by non-casual standards but I’ve done a fair few BGs, enough that I have a specific Blood PvP spec (flag carrying for the win! Literally!). I went into one just for a bit of fun, I haven’t really played BGs since TBC when me and my pocket healer paladin housemate and I used to go and melt faces with my shadow priest. Seeing that we use to kick some rear end in those games leads me to believe players were not as good back then. Though this may be a controversial statement I do not rate myself as a good PvP player, but in full PvE gear I used to be able to top HKs, honor and KBs in a lot of BGs – with practically no practise.

But I digress. I went into a BG for a laugh, and I really enjoyed it! So I did another, and I enjoyed that too. I looked at my honor total – it was jumping up quite quickly! A quick look at starter PvE gear showed me I could easily get a good blue starter set of gear – so that’s what I did. AND I had enough honor for the PvP trinket.

So there I was, less than 2 months before the expansion and I had an entirely new set of gear that would be useless soon – but so what, it was fun. I had a rubbish iLvl316 blue sword so thought while I’m playing some PvP I may as well up that to the PvP sword – it will see me through some levelling content I persuaded myself. So there I was happily playing away and before I knew it I was rocking 35% damage reduction from players….not too shabby.

A couple of days later I fancied running a heroic, I had the iLvl with PvE gear but substituted in a couple of pieces of PvP gear just for the massive stamina increases (love my blood shields). Then I looked at my bag….4000 justice points sat there. Well I might as well spend those. So off I toodled and before I knew it I had 2 of my 4 piece set bonus. I jumped into a Heroic, and it was fun. Just like the PvP battleground IT WAS FUN.

I may not have the greatest gear for either, but I ground passable gear so as not to let the rest of the team down and I 100% enjoyed my gaming. Was I trying to gear up? No. Am I glad I did? Yes. Am I looking forward to MoP levelling with my new gear? You betcha! And I may even PUG a Dragonsoul LFR or jump in an alt run in the meantime – who knows what the next month will bring?


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I'm a geek who loves gaming, travelling, sports & cooking. Currently residing in Nottingham, England.
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