Making Gold As A New Player

As I have recently pointed out I started a new character at the point of starting this blog, roughly 2 months ago. I came into the game with nothing and whilst I have only played for small amounts of time (6-8 hours a week TOPS since hitting level 85) I have managed to accrue just north of 16k gold while not really trying. Whilst this may not sound like a lot to many of you, for a new player this is a considerable amount of money and many of my friends hover around the 3-4k mark.

The methods I currently use (being end of expansion) and for people that do not have much gold are all MINIMAL RISK, there is nothing that requires vast expenditure. Please note, this is how I did it, with my professions:

  1. Level your Professions – I chose Jewelcrafting & Enchanting. This is because they will benefit any spec I choose to play, will help me levelling alts and both have good gold making potential.
  2. Auction House everything – there is nearly always someone out there willing to buy of the AH rather than go farm (especially low level areas). Unless you are DE’ing your greens, then AH them – along with all your white mats (if they haven’t sold after 2-3 attempts then maybe you should vendor)
  3. Req: Jewelcrafting. When you have some money, buy some ore. Prospect. Relist. Carnelians & Inferno rubies sell every day, Nightstones & Jasper can sell for as much if not MORE than the cost of a stack of ore on the days they are the daily requirement. The others you can sell on the AH for cheap, they are irrelevant to easy gold (or make into Jewellery to DE if you have an enchanter also).
  4. Req: Jewelcrafting. Upon hitting 475 do the daily everyday. Get Chimaeras eyes. Sell. That’s 100g a time (ish).
  5. Req: Enchanting. Sweep the AH for lower level greens that are cheap (sometimes 1g!). DE and sell the raw mats. Profit (this is where most of my gold has come from).
  6. At Higher levels solo old content – this will only work for the next two weeks but is also great fun!
  7. Gathering Professions – Though I didn’t opt for this it is a good wayto make money on a new server though you will lose out at money making potential (without farming) at higher levels.

If you do these things it will definitely put you in good stead for a healthier bank balance without risking your current supplies.


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I'm a geek who loves gaming, travelling, sports & cooking. Currently residing in Nottingham, England.
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2 Responses to Making Gold As A New Player

  1. Why will soloing content only work for the next 2 weeks?

    • Well it will still work but not as well. They are “nerfing” the gold amount gained from downing old content (similar to what they did to Magtheridon), numbers haven’t been confirmed yet but you will recieve the same amount whether in a group of 5/10/25 or 1. Ie – if you do a 25 man raid with 25 players, downing the boss may earn each player 50g, if you then solo the same boss you will not get 25*50g as you do at the moment you will just get the 25g.

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