Non-Blood Spec O_o

After quite a few BGs I’ve decided that as much as I love Blood it is time to try something different. Unless you get Twin Peaks/ Warsong Gulch where you can chain flag carry without dying some BGs can be a bit boring. Tanking 2/3 guys is nice, inevitably you will die and unless you find a guy in PvE gear you will struggle to solo people before they can escape.

For this reason I’m switching my PvP spec (perhaps temporarily) to 2H FROST. I would prefer DW frost but as I have a 2H PvP Sword it makes sense. The talent spec I will be using is:!aj!kYehSZeTaQ!Sb!defino.

I’ve not had time to test it out yet (hopefully Saturday morning I’ll get a chance) but have found some useful tips on the WoW forums(!!!). The full thread is here: but if you don’t want to delve into there then here are some of the tips in a nutshell (written by a person attempting to write like a 12 yr old pro):

~Lichborne heal macro =

/cast [@player] Death Coil

~Pillar of Frost is your best offensive move… …And your best healing move. Using pillar of frost (Try to get 2min trinket, weapon proc, and on hit trinket proc *humans only*) Going along with pillar of frost to increase your death coil heals on yourself by.. Ahaha. Just test ‘er out ;).

~Plague strike has 1 use – Hit a rogue during cloak of shadows.

~Killing Machine Procs – Use Frost strike. Obliterate on clothies when under 35% health, aka in Merciless Combat zone.

~Death Grip is an interrupt for Paladin’s Aura mastery or Priest’s Inner Focus. Do eet.

~Never use Chains of Ice on a warrior. It procs Second Wind.

~Rotate howling blast/necrotic strike and frost strike when Killing Machine procs = Jist of Frost DK PvP.

~Save Blood tap for strangulate. Rare is a case when you use it otherwise. Maybe a finisher, maybe a root with chains during lichborne heal.

~Stance Dancing to Blood Presence. Meditate on this.

~Placing Dark Sim on a strangulated opponent is a good choice.

~Yew can steal a feral druids instant cyclone. Watch for the buff.

~Rune Strike. Rune Strike. Rune Strike. Rune Strike. Rune Strike. Meditate on this.

❤ all you Frost DKs.

So there are some pointers. Enjoy!


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