MoP Loot Rules

See here for an outline of how looting will be in MoP

There are 3 things that strike me here:

  1. What a brilliant idea – no more rolling for friends, people needing just to DE or to sell for gold.  You have a similar chance of getting a useful item, just now no one can take it from you just because they are feeling like trolling.  I have been lucky on my Shaman in the past, out of roughly 6 runs I have obtained 5 items – not bad going, my friend on the other hand is constantly beaten on items week in week out (well until he broke his wrist), with this new system the chances of this are minimised so everyone should get about the same loot.
  2. No more wasted items!  Remember back in Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix dropped multiple times in Kara with no hunters, or you got all Intellect plate but no Paladins, well in LFR that will no longer happen (sadly it will in regular and Heroics though)!
  3. A final, negative point.  Why is this not in LFG?

If the technology is there I do not see the argument for not including it.  Fair enough it is only 5 people and you should be able to discuss this between yourselves but frankly it is sometimes like talking to a brick wall.

To give a personal example, following my blog post of Gearing at the End of an Expansion, I have recently started tanking HoT instances on Tsudao.  As you can see she isn’t brilliantly geared and as such I’d like to get a few pieces to fill in the gaps.  On two of my earliest HoT runs (consecutive as well) I encountered off-spec looting (or ninja looting to give the benefit of the doubt).  Both runs a brilliant upgrade dropped for me (Tanking Head on one and Chest on another).  The Holy Paladin won the head and fury warrior the chest.

I know the argument they had all the rights in the world to press need if the button shows need as they did the work for it and can use it.  If the need button wasn’t greyed out should I be allowed to need on cloth items as I can DE and then use the mats?  I say no and I do not agree with the “It says you can press need so you can”, for me Main > Offspec, only need on the spec you are running with unless you ask otherwise and no one needs for main.

With the new technology available for this I do not understand why Blizzard doesn’t implement this – I just hope if it works in LFR it’ll take off and be in LFG soon.



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