Much Ado About Comedy

Really interesting thoughts on the comedy aspect of the cinematic here. Personally I like the little bits of humour – WoW isn’t as dark as other settings so I feel this captures it perfectly.

Mommy Jenkins!!

When Blizzard released the opening cinematic to Mists of Pandaria last Thursday, the reactions varied from the ecstatic to the downright dismal. One of the comments that caught my eye— which summed up a sentiment expressed in many other comments— asked, “What’s with the comedy bit? Makes it look like a Disney movie.”

The “comedy bit” the commenter is referring to occurs in this segment until about 2:36:

Since the announcement of Mists at last year’s BlizzCon, people have been saying that the expansion is a joke, a child’s plaything and not the stuff of legends that we’ve become accustomed to in the Warcraft franchise. Compounded with the fact that Tenacious D played at a previous BlizzCon and Kung Fu Panda has not one, but two movies plus a new spinoff animated TV series on Nickelodeon, it’s difficult for much of the audience to take anthropomorphic pandas seriously. As made…

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