LFR Dragonsoul – The Siege of Wymrest Temple

So 2 months after rolling a Deathknight and wondering what the difference between all those different coloured runes actually meant I have taken the plunge and entered the Dragonsoul!

Though I have been in there on LFR before I have never tanked it, only DPS’d in on Rakshi.  I’m obviously relatively new to this tanking, as stated earlier I’ve been playing a Blood DK for about 2 months (never raided) and I do also have a Protection Paladin who tanked 2 raid bosses in WotLK (very much carried by my guild) and a 74 Bear Druid.  I love the idea of a tank but have always worried if I am a good enough player.  As such the vast majority of my tanking experiences have been in 5 mans, I’d like to think I am a decent 5 man tank – I can undergear most dungeons and still have a smooth run and speed run instances when I am in the mood (and thanks to Vengeance kick some DPS ass!).

The Dragonsoul Loading Screen

But Raiding?  Even though it was only LFR I have to admit that I was a little bit scared and had to talk myself into it.  Tsudao isn’t still amazing geared (I was on about a 370 iLvl when I entered which is the bare bones minimum), and rocking 4 blues still.  I knew I’d get some grief from people wanting to breeze through and have to be on top of my game and my cooldowns if we were going to get through.

So I queue for Siege of Wyrmrest……well I mean to, I queue for The Fall of Deathwing by accident, down Ultraxion and the leave because I didn’t mean to be there….but then I queue for The Siege of Wyrmrest Temple!  I zone in and come face to face with a very epic geared Prot Pally, I whisper him to say it’s my first time – he’ll main tank and I’ll off tank, sorted.


The first boss of the Siege of Wyrmest Temple, and for me a great intro into Raid tanking.  The boss has very clear, very obvious mechanics,  swap on 3 stacks on debuff, run away when the black blood forms on the floor.  I was a bit late on one of the Taunts (like a fool) but so was my partner.  All in all Morchok went down easily and I was stoked.


The Ping Pong boss.  This fight is actually really really boring as a tank.  The trash I feel could have been awesome fun if the eyes, frails and claws had great abilities but the mechanics just weren’t put there to make it more interesting.   And when it got to tanking my only role was to stand there and keep 2nd on Threat in case the other tank died.  /Yawn

Yor’sahj the Unsleeping

The trash – oh the trash.  Now, this trash should be simple, it should be easy.  Well here’s where my fail group takes over with NINJA PULLS.  We walk in and a Boomkin pull 2 patrols of oozes, we stand very little chance as no-one is ready.  WIPE.   Everyone ressurects.  We are ready this time, me and the other tank pull, and then a hunter pulls another group!  Nightmare.  I go and grab those three and me and the other tank manage to tank 3 each, I am throwing up “Skull” markers to tell the DPS what to hit and popping every Cooldown I have.  We get through with minimal damage to the group.  A great sense of achievement and props all round for the tanks (including me!!) and the healers (who did great).

The boss himself is once again pretty simple although my tanking partner decided he would taunt on 5 stacks not 3 like you should so I was taking pretty severe Shadow Bolts to the face.  On 3 I would pop Vampiric Blood, 4 Icebound Fortitude (or Anti Magic Shell if Icebound Fortitude was on CD) and on 5 Anti Magic Shell if not used prior.  This allowed me to get through this relatively painlessly and all in all was a good lesson in tanking and CD rotation.

Hagara The Stormbinder

The trash going up to this encounter seems like it would be interesting on Normal or HC mode, sadly on LFR (like on Zon’ozz), it’s quite plain.  It just reminds me of a big 5 man instance…

The boss is quite interesting though, there are a few abilities that can catch you out if you don’t pay attention (I so wasn’t concentrating when I got focused assaulted in the face), and it’s nice the tank has to move to the outer rim with the DPS to help on the additional tasks and not just stay in the middle.

And he dropped my tier head piece and I won it so that’s pretty awesome!

My Overall Thoughts of LFR Dragonsoul: The Siege of Wyrmrest Temple (Tanking)

I enjoyed it.  It was a great way to start my raid tanking career and has given me the confidence that I will enjoy it when MoP comes around.

My boss rankings:

  • Morchok = 8/10 – Great intro boss for LFR.  Just enough mechanics and a nice start
  • Zon’ozz = 3/10 – Definitely more fun for DPS
  • Yorsahj = 6/10 – Would like a bit more for the tank to do while the DPS add hunt
  • Hagara = 7/10 – Could do with being a touch more punishing with some abilities

I would finally like to put a shout out to Wilfrid Wong at http://www.wilfridwong.com/ for this great started guide for tanking LFR: http://www.wilfridwong.com/articles/world-of-warcraft/dragon-soul-lfr-tanking-guide/.  This guide definitely helped me out a lot.



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