10 Things You Never Asked About Me

I think it’s about time I share a bit more about myself as some more people are now reading NWV and I feel I don’t know you half as well as I should and you know me twice as much as you’d like but half as much as I want you all too, so I found the below 10 questions by poster “SuperXDude” on Blog Azeroth. So without further ado, allow me to proceed:

1. What was your first toon and why did you roll it?

I think this is a difficult question for me as I had 3 “firsts” as I break it down.

  • My full on “First” character was a rogue called “Blackjack” on Vanilla WoW. He was a troll rogue and never made it past Level 15. I was using a friends account and only ever played when I visited him and we had videogame sessions. I rolled a rogue as it was the class I always played in D&D games in my youth
  • My first character on my own account (who is to this day still only level 38) is a Gnome Warlock called Adibayer. I rolled him as I loved magic casters and the idea of using a pet, that’s really the only reasons. He got played very very casually and I can remember grinding murlocs as I thought it was the best XP ever (I didn’t realise it was the first time I was rested).
  • And finally my first “Real” character, the character that I first raided on, that I first hit max level on and the character who’ll always be my main, even when he isn’t. Katial the Shadowpriest. After playing a Warlock I knew I wanted a ranged character and I new I wanted a hybrid to try out different roles, I saw the Shadowy visuals of a Shadowpriest and I was sold!

Also whilst finding the link for Katial I discovered he is the only toon on the EU with that name over level 10 and then with Abidayer he’s the only toon on EU with that name period.  That’s kind of cool!

2. What naming theme if any do you use when you roll a new toon?

For me it really depends on the character, I like names that you could imagine a character having rather than “Stabborz” or “Lolstompnoob” (the exception being the greatest tank name ever “ITANKUSPANK” which I saw in a BG a few years ago). I either imagine them up so they sound in keeping “Katial” and “Rakshi” are good examples of this, or I take inspiration from other games. The name “Tsudao” comes from a CCG called “Legend of the Five Rings” that I used to play. She was a great warrior and one of the heirs to the throne, I felt that this was very fitting so have a Blood Elf Paladin and a Draenei Deathknight both with the name!

Tsudao - The Sword


3. What was the last toon you rolled?

The last toon I rolled was Tsudao a female Draenei Deathknight, I rolled her purely to play on a new server with a RL mate. The only reason I chose a DK was because they start at 55 but as it happens – I love playing her!

I decided on a “she” as I love the look of a small female character out in the frontlines taking all the damage whilst the men are all hiding, visually tickles me.

4. What was the last toon you deleted and why?

I don’t really ever delete toons…. I think I may have deleted a level 5 or so warrior once as I had 2 warriors on the same server and wanted a different class. Apart from that they are still all there!

5. What was the first 5 man dungeon you entered?

THE DEADMINES!!!! I loved that instance, I can remember going there on Adibayer and spending hours in there at a time, wiping loads and still loving it. I was really happy when it was redone and a bit sad to find out it wasn’t as hard as it used to be. Brings back amazing memories.

Ahhhh Cookie…

6. What was your first raid you entered?

My first ever raid was Karazhan, I had not long been 70 but being a Shadowpriest I got my Frozen Shadoweave set and then was pretty much raid ready! I can remember the dark sight of it as well as how nervous I was going in thinking everyone was so much better than me. Like Deadmines this has so many good memories. Karazhan has got to be one of the most atmospheric places in the entire of WoW hands down.

7. What was your favorite drop ever from a boss?

Got to be Hood of Hexing of off Hex Lord Malocrass in Zul’Aman 10 man. I had been raiding for a while by this point and never so much as seen an epic cloth head drop. Not been unlucky on rolls, literally never seen one. The loot dropped and the Raidleader toyed with me for a while but I had a great dance party that night when I finally had a full epic set!

8. If you farm instances for mounts/pets, which is your favorite?

I don’t…so kind of a boring answer there. I’ve never really farmed RNG vanity items though did spend a lot of time trying to speed run old Zul’Aman for the bear, never happened though.

9. If there is one favorite achievement (5 man or raid) you attained, what was it?

Champion of the Naaru! It looks so cool and there was a lot of work behind it back in the day. I also love Kingslayer as it’s an epic title and the Lich King was such a cool fight that it really made the title feel like something.

10. If there is one raid you will never do again, what is it and why?

Trial of the Crusader. I enjoyed it at the time but feels like it is missing that “Epic” feeling that other instances (The Black Temple & Icecrown Citadel for example) have. Not bad, just kind of……pointless. The only point in it felt like loot.


So, I hope you all feel you know a little bit more about me – anymore questions (or if you feel like answering the questions so I can get to know you) then let me know!


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