Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Headcanon

This weeks Shared Topic from Blog Azeroth is to do with canon, see below for a description of the whole topic:

Canon refers to the actual events and characters that exist in a fictional world. Headcanon refers to any situations or characters that are imagined by fans of said fictional world. Sometimes they are silly, like the fact that Garrosh’s favorite treat is lemon squares. Sometimes they are serious, like positing that tauren store grief in the lungs. For my writing, I’ve come up with a lot of headcanon. Got a theory about a torrid romance between your favorite auctioneer and the patrolling guard? Given any thought to where mounts and pets go when they aren’t summoned? Do you know how your characters do their laundry, or what Baine Bloodhoof does in his free time? What are your headcanons, and where did you get the idea?

Now I will admit that I am not a lore person who fully immerses them self into the world of Azeroth, I can barely remember bosses names and doubt I could even name all of the faction leaders.  In fact I just tried it, and I can’t.  For some people this will seem bizarre when playing an RPG, for others they’ll get it.  But even saying that I believe that everyone can relate to the headcanon above in a small way at least.
The most overbearing of mine is a tiny thing that occurs whenever I get mail, and seeing that I can post hundreds of auctions at a time when bored (bless you Blizzard for making the mobile auction house free!) this can be a rather frequent occurance.  I fully believe that Azeroth has a fleet of Rogue Postmen.  Yes, you heard me right. Rogue Postmen, they track your movements and they know where you are – always making sure that your post is in the most convenient mailbox for you.  This is why Blizzard have not massively changed Rogues over the years – imagine what would happen if the mail system collapsed, it could signal the end of WoW.  One day I’m going to catch one of the blighters on the road passing between towns one day, I’ll be PvP flagged obviously but even if it’s a horde mail ninja while I’m on an alliance toon or vice versa, I will merely /salute.

Other headcanon that I believe in are:
  • There’s an old hermit who lives in the small shack floating to the south of Hellfire Peninsula that will one day be a boss.
  • Due to the high volume of magic on Azeroth there are many creatures missing valuable organs.
  • [Along the same lines as the above] Sometimes my toon destroys a mob so gruesomely there is nothing left but a bloody smear.  This is why we can’t loot it.
So how about you – what little things do you believe happen in Azeroth that other people aren’t aware of?

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I'm a geek who loves gaming, travelling, sports & cooking. Currently residing in Nottingham, England.
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