What is best about Patch 5.0.4

Loads of new mechanics are hitting Azeroth, what are you most excited about!

For me it has to be AoE looting, the most convenient tool I think Blizzard have ever implemented.  I am also really looking forward to Cross Realm Zones though, I have stopped levelling alts at the moment but whenever I do I can go hours without seeing a soul, hopefully this will put the MMO into MMORPG whilst levelling.


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I'm a geek who loves gaming, travelling, sports & cooking. Currently residing in Nottingham, England.
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2 Responses to What is best about Patch 5.0.4

  1. The mount change was really the high point of this patch, no longer do I have to go through the stress of collecting all of my mounts (127) again for my other alts.

    • If only I had the dedication to get that many. I’ve got a few ground mounts that I am happy with (Black War Bear from “For The Alliance”) but the only flying mount I like is my Obsidian Nightwing. Come MoP one of my aims is to actually get a decent flying mount – Flying Disc from the Lorewalkers or one of the many Cloudserpants is currently my aim.

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