My View on the Levelling Alts Discussion

I have seen a lot of posts/ blogs etc popping up all over the interwebs with requests to Blizzard to introduce and "Insta Max Level Toon" button, whereby when you create a new character you can choose to create them at max level.

I will start out by making it clear that I believe this would be a bad decision. Whilst levelling in some way you will start to understand the class, you will know what there spells are, know when to use spells and not get confused by the multitudes of buttons presented to you.

I do however believe that even with heirlooms and the XP reductions that have been implemented the process of 1-85 (soon to be 1-90) is a long and reasonably repetitive process. I have done this process 3 times and once to 83, and now as much as I would love to have a Mage and a Hunter (and probably Warrior, Rogue, Monk etc) at max level I honestly cannot go through the process from the beginning again with any kind of impetus.

So what would I do?

The system I (if I was Blizzard) would implement is one whereby you get a reduction in XP required to hit max level based on the number of max level toons of different classes that you have. My first idea was a compounded 10% reduction in XP required per max level toon, I then looked at it with a 7.5% flat reduction. Under this system the amount of XP required would be:

Number of Classes at Max Level XP Required (Compounded 10%) XP Required (At 7.5%)
0 100.00% 100.00%
1 90.0% 92.5%
2 81.0% 85.0%
3 72.9% 77.5%
4 65.6% 70.0%
5 59.0% 62.5%
6 53.1% 55.0%
7 47.8% 47.5%
8 43.0% 40.0%
9 38.7% 32.5%
10 34.9% 25.0%

What Does this Do?

Basically it rewards you for the more classes you have at top level, whilst ensuring there is always some levelling to be done.

By basing it on classes not characters it means that you will always need some XP and time playing your class but as you progress the time you probably need to understand a class lowers and this system reflects that.

So would you like to see a system like this or is it a dreadful idea pandering to a certain type of (let’s say lazy, like myself) player?


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