Initial Thoughts on Scenarios

So last night I ran my first scenario as I never went onto the beta (I had a key but gave it away as a promotion) and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  This was also the first time I’ve logged on to do anything more than talk to mates in 5.0.4 so I had fun relearning my Shaman too…



I’ll start off with the negatives.  This feels very under tuned, my shaman is not amazingly geared by any stretch of the imagination (average iLevel around 378) and as I said previously I hadn’t played since the pre-patch arrived so I was expecting a tough ride.  To show the extent of how badly prepared I was, I had zero healing abilities keybound and only one damage reduction ability (I was running with guildies or I would have prepared better!).  Yet I didn’t die.  Not once, not even anywhere near.  The only time I dropped below 50% I had pulled a whole boat of mobs yet a quick ghostwolf and run away fixed that.  It was only afterwards that I discovered that Blizzard had already made it tougher.  I know they want everyone to see content and have to allow freshly dinged 85’s to get involved but to me this was far too easy, some challenge would have been nice – %HP damage mechanics maybe?


The whole scenario including cut scenes takes maybe 15 minutes tops.  I think that’s great!  Sometimes I fancy a bit of gaming before work or before the missus get’s home but don’t have time for a dungeon and know if I start questing that there’s no chance it’ll only be 15 minutes.  If my mates are online it’s more likely that I’d jump in a bots game in “League of Legends” than log onto WoW (though come expansion time no doubt it’ll be tillers or some professions time).  But having a pseudo dungeon (ie instanced) game play experience available in that time?  SIGN ME UP.

Low Pressure

I can see myself running these a lot, especially as a way to learn a new spec.  Because you are focused on the storyline and probably getting through it at a good speed you are more likely to look at your own performance than that of your teams it feels like an incredibly low pressure group environment. New tank or healer but scared of going to an instance where everyone’s looking at you, try a scenario or three first, or fancy trying that other DPS spec (looking at you elemental) but don’t want meters thrown in your face, scenario.  Making a small error feels less crucial than in a dungeon.


I’m by no means a lore-whore but I do like knowing what’s going on to a small degree.  By using cut scenes and little flashes of information scenarios could be a great gap filler for areas where the lore is being put across particularly well.


The most important thing, the scenario was fun!!!  I loved having the time limit, I can see the potential for interesting mechanics and I love that you can play with a couple of guildies regardless of who it is and what spec they are.

So overall I think it is clear that I love the idea of scenarios.  I am looking forward to when they are more of a challenge with some crazy boss fight style mechanics but scenarios are going to be one of the first things I run when I hit 90 – and I’m bringing the guildies with me.

Oh, and I love my Mini Mana Bomb!


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