Secondary Thoughts on Scenarios (read: Destruction of Theramore)

So this morning before work I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep.  As I had some time to kill I thought I’d log on and get my Theramore Tabard. This meant doing the Theramore scenario but this time on Tsudao (dreanei blood DK), as no guildies were online (it was 6:30am) I delved into the world of randoms.

I didn’t experience the 20min+ queue times that I have seen quoted around the internet, rather I was rocking in less than a minute.  I did however lose the random lottery.  Badly.

My team consisted of 2 Blood DKs (myself and one other) and a rogue.  The rogue entered stealth and promptly disappeared from sight for the vast majority of the rest of the scenario and the non-me Deathknight ran around pulling what he could then dieing.  Basically I ended up soloing the scenario.


And it was easy.




I think this outlines the major issue with this scenario, it is supposed to be a preview of what scenarios can offer but it is so undertuned that it doesn’t really show you that, it’s just a slogfest.  I still stick with my initial thoughts that I like the idea of scenarios and think they’ll be great in the future, but having replayed this one I hope that the future ones will be a lot more challenging and require at least a bit of teamwork.


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