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MoP Launch Week Preparation

There’s a lot of talk on the forums at the moment about what people are doing on launch night. Now I have never, ever managed to play on launch night – my life just always seems to be a bit … Continue reading

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Tsudao hits 85!

Tsudao the Draenei Deathknight finally hit 85 on Friday night! It’s taken me just under a month the go from 55-85 and I’ve not even been playing that hard. I didn’t have heirlooms but I did join a Lvl 25 … Continue reading

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Levelling Hints and Tips: What do I need?

So you are planning on levelling a new toon, you’ve picked the class, server, race and haircut and are ready to set exploring Azeroth.  What is there available that can help you level as fast as possible.  I am going … Continue reading

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